Design for Persuasive Technology

Tags: Habit Forming, Engagement Strategy, Behavioral Change
Time: 2016 – Now
Team Members: Hayley Evans, Christina Harrington, Linlu Zhou (Georgia Tech side)
Advisor: Gregory Abowd (Georgia Tech side)
Role: User Research, Task Analysis

A collaborative research project with University of Michigan on engagement strategies for persuasive technologies.

In this project, we aim to investigate the effectiveness of different engagement strategies for existing health related interventions such as diet journal. The end goal is to understand the different impact of each strategy on people’s behaviors and identify the most effective application scenarios for those strategies. I am one of the student researchers on this project and I have been doing literature review on health related interventions and engagement strategies. I also did several task analyses to investigate the relationship between user effort and potential levels of engagement.

This project is still ongoing and the very immediate step is to implement some of the engagement strategies (i.e. embed them into the current interventions) and to evaluate their effectiveness.

*This research project is still in its initial phase so no more details can be made public at this time. Drop me a line to know more details.