Tags: Location-Based Service(LBS), Trip Purpose, User Context
Time: 2015
Team Members: Keanna Sion, Moon (David) Chang, Josh Williams
Advisor: Gregory Abowd, Caleb Southern
Role: Graphic Design, Interaction Design, Android Front-end Development

A simple and beautiful solution to trip journaling including trip purpose recording.

Trip purposes(user’s goal) is the most common and important contextual information for location-based services. Knowing trip purposes makes it possible for service providers to accurately identify the use context and provide the needed service accordingly. However, there is no existing solution that allows users to accurately record the trip purposes without overwhelming effort.

Whereabouts is an app designed for users to record their trip purposes by simply selecting their trip purpose from a suggested purpose list. The suggested purpose list is populated based on user’s location-purpose history and the general use of the building/space.

More to come...